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Acne is something most of us have experienced at one time or another. As many as three out of four teenagers have experienced it to some extent. It is most prevalent during adolescence because hormonal changes stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil glands) into producing more sebum (oil), increasing the chance of acne. While most people outgrow acne in their late teens or early twenties, many continue to be affected much longer. Aggravation of acne in later life may occur with menstrual periods, use of birth control pills, use of oil-based products and stress.

What causes acne?

Acne occurs when the oil produced by sebaceous glands does not reach the surface of the skin but is trapped in tiny pores or follicles. This plug may close off the pore, causing the follicle wall to bulge, which creates a white head. If the pore stays open, the top surface of the plug may become darkened, causing a blackhead. In both cases, the bacteria, acnes, thrive in the clogged follicles. When the bacteria and pus leak from the follicle into the surrounding tissue, pimples are formed. You may have heard that "blackheads are dirt"; "only teens have acne"; "junk foods cause acne"; or "it will just go away by itself." These and other myths have prevented many from seeking the appropriate acne treatment for years.

What is ClearLight?

ClearLight™ system which uses a high intensity blue-light designed specifically to kill the bacteria responsible for acne vulgaris.

What are the advantages of treatment?

ClearLight is a new paradigm for acne treatment which requires eight treatments over four weeks to achieve impressive results. There are no side-effects, no pain, no downtime.

How does ClearLight work?

ClearLight's unique APC technology destroys acnes bacteria safely and effectively within the skin.

What is the procedure of the treatment?

With ClearLight, a typical treatment session takes only 15 minutes. You lie comfortably while the therapeutic light is applied; sometimes there is a slight warm sensation. ClearLight treatments are described as easy, even relaxing, but most importantly - painless and safe. 

How often should I come in for the treatment?

Dr. Valentin can advise you about the treatment plan that is right for you. It will involve a series of ClearLight treatment sessions and it is important to keep the treatment appointments recommenced by us. By following the treatment plan, you'll see the maximum results and enjoy clearer skin with ClearLight.

Common acne scar treatments

Injections with Collagen, Cymetra™, Dermalogen™, Restylane™, and Hylaform™ are good treatments for shallow and deep acne scars. These fillers can be injected into the area of the scar, smoothing depressions. Results are immediately apparent. Patients usually require touch-up treatments every six months to two years.


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