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Cellulite Reduction

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Cellulite Reduction
Cellulite is the name given to the lumpy, irregular fat deposits often found around the hips, buttocks and upper leg areas. It is sometimes described as "orange peel skin" because of the dimpled appearance of the affected areas.




Cellulite ReductionWhy does cellulite happen?

Cellulite occurs because a large number of women's fat cells are located in pockets within the connective tissue of the skin. Over time a build up of fluids and fat can cause the pockets to bulge and press against the connective tissue fibres. The fibres act like a net, anchoring the fat cells to the body but letting some poke through. When the lobes of fat swell, they push out the epidermis and form bumps.


How can it be treated?

Radiofrequency can be used for cellulite reduction utilizing the deep penetrative ability of radiofrequency electrical energy. Fat cells that give rise to the undulations causing cellulite appearance are smoothened out after repeated exposures to these radiofrequency energy waves. The end result is a more even and smoother appearance to the affected areas.



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