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Non-Surgical Breast Fillers is a procedure performed using a filler to enhance the size and reshape a woman's breast to achieve a natural aesthetic appearance.

Breast Enhancement
This procedure is performed to increase the breast size of a woman who feels that her breasts are too small. This procedure is also a good alternative to restore the size and shape of the breasts following pregnancy and breast feeding.

Non-surgical Breast Fillers is also carried out to improve symmetry and shape where there is a difference in breast size and/or shape.

If you are thinking of shaping or enhancing your figure, then MacrolaneTM is your best choice. MacrolaneTM based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in your body, instantly improves your breasts. It can be easily injected into the body in large volume for contouring, without surgery, with no scarring and no downtime.
The result is customized to your individual wishes.

Non-surgical breast fillers using MacrolaneTM is performed under local anaesthetic. It has no side effect and it gives a natural look. This safe procedure provides an alternative to an Implant for women who do not want cosmetic surgery- augmentation, but would like to improve their breast shape. 

         Simple, 30 minutes treatment session

         Instantly visible results, tailored to your individual treatments need

         No post-treatment time off work

         No pain

         No unsightly permanent scarring

         Your body remains free of foreign objects


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